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VinayHelix is about understanding your core values at work, identifying what drives you then matching you with a set of key pillars and networks that give you access to content, ideas, mentoring with the aim to help you to reach the top of you apirational stairwell. Guiding you either to new careers, enhancing your current goals or helping you to take that step you have longed to but been afraid to. A platform where people can share the unprecedented challenges they faced, discuss what they have learned and create forums where people can exchange offers of mentoring, advice and help to inspire to be the best version of you at work.

The pandemic has given rise of an increased need to feel valued, working towards a better cause and people aligning to their core values.

The world seems to be on a path of division and in fact the being grouped by your ethic, background, privilege or sex doesn’t automatically match you with people who understand you. During Covid-19 many industries have faced difficulties and people have been forced to change their paths

I need help

CV guidance, personal brand, LinkedIn advice, new direction, change in career, S.O.S mode, help in difficult situations.

I want to improve

Mentoring, courses, learning about different perspectives, long term guidance.

I want to learn

Searching for SME’s, new skills, training and navigating new jobs, short term guidance. Specialised skill building

I want to contribute

Volunteer to help, share content, share experiences or advice.

“Be kind, be real, be free.”

Working in technology finding it hard to connect with people outside of work and in social circle that aligned fundamentally to provide guidance to my career aspirations.Lucky enough to come across mentors and people to support and guide me helped me to make choices that helped to accelerate and change my own development goals and aspirations to a different trajectory. One that had helped me lead strategic relationship, build talented teams and most importantly feel fulfilled at work.

As people progress in our career, there are increasing responsibilities, management and politically dynamics to navigate and fewer people to turn to for support. As a graduate you may have had a group but as you become more senior, achieve your goals, how do we know we are headed in the right trajectory for our ultimate career goals. Faced with complex work challenges, highly intentional positions, a need to create a facade of success and ambition sometimes it can be lonely. I don’t want anyone to feel alone, feel they have nowhere to turn to and have no where to go as they can’t see through the noise that surrounds them.

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Site under construction

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